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Very excited to finally share our new song and video "Lone Wolf Zero". Please comment, like & share with your friends. (watch in HD or 720p for best quality)

This song was inspired by a train ride taken from Amsterdam to Paris a few years back while I was on vacation. More recently, a terrorist attempted to take over the train. However, the attack was thwarted by American servicemen who happened to be on the train. The incident has now been re-created as a movie by Clint Eastwood called The 15:17 to Paris and is due in theaters on February 9, 2018. This song and video are not intended as a political statement nor are they affiliated with the Clint Eastwood movie, but our version of the event based on multiple news reports. We do proudly support all our women and men who serve our country.
Thank you,Tony Gross Doug Zogby GFI Studios and Marita Ferre for your excellent work in making this song come to life!

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Heading on to Paris from Amsterdam

Rolling 'long the tracks in a high speed train

Me and my brothers from school taking in the sites

When a gun shot echoed off the train carriage walls

broken glass came tubmlin' to the floor

Train conductor running for his life

Train whistle blows, Train keeps rolling on

Lone Wolf come bustn' through the door

Pointing an AK47

Cocking it to shoot when the rifle jams

Somebody yelled out "Go Spencer go"

He grabbed that man and took him to the floor

Lone Wolf Zero meet Uncle Sam

Train whistle blows, Train keeps rolling on


American Hero one , Lone Wolf Zero


Train whistle blows, Train keeps rolling on

Heading on to Paris from Amsterdam

Rolling 'long the tracks in a high speed train

Me and my brothers from school taking in the sites


American Hero one , Lone Wolf Zero

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